We Are Bigger Than This – a Campaign for Hope

Europe has always been a home for everyone who wants to shelter, share and grow within it. We have always been a meeting place for strangers so that they can become friends. We have been a continent where suspicion melts into trust. We are founded on our belief in the best of people and not the worst. We have achieved this through our collective efforts which generated a great community that is much bigger than this – bigger than jealousy, bigger than insecurity, bigger than fear.

It is this spirit, this idea that we are bigger than this that will carry us through our latest challenge. The challenge and the opportunity of people wanting to move and needing to move.

This campaign is about hope. It is about saying goodbye to small minds, low ambitions, shrinking hopes. It is about proving that we are bigger than this, much bigger than this.

Why should we be hopeful?

    • because we have an impact on the world around us every single day. What we do makes a difference and we have to decide what kind of difference we want to make.
    • because together we can lift the creative ideas, thoughts and ambitions of the 500 million Europeans
    • because there are carefully worked out policies and strategies that reflect a bigger response to the current emergency. They are not getting the attention they deserve – we can push that.
    • because we combine smart brains and warm hearts
    • because we feed on hope. It is a human condition, a reason to get up in the morning
    • because now seems a good time to prove that Europe is dynamic, ambitious and vibrant – bigger than this

Signed by
Uffe Elbæk, Neal Lawson, Caroline Lucas, Peter Ungar, Andras Schiffer, Joanna Maycock, Jorge Pinto, Peter Jenkinson, Shelagh Wright, Micha Narberhaus, Nikola Matisic, Julia Slay, Indra Adnan, Klaus Mogensen, Efva Lilja, Emil Ejner Friis, Peter Christiansen, Søren Warburg, Mads Randbøll Wulff, Lars Klüver, Peter Macleod, Mirko Busto, Tahnee Prior, John Craig, Maria Staszkiewicz, Katherine Watson, Dougald Hine, Julie Rosenkilde, Daphne Bullesbach, Aleksi Neuvonen, John Thackara, Julia Hoffmann, Jonas Michanek, Povl Henningsen, Robin Murray & Ronan Harrington

Copenhagen – The Copenhagen Meeting
18 March 2016